402. Le Mat and the social cooperative Cadore – experimenting a new development in the mountains of Italy

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Coop Name: Le Mat - consortium of social co-operatives N° of Employees: 3000
City: ROME N° of Members: 15
Country: Italy Year of formation: 2005
Website: http://https://www.lemat.it
Facebook: Link
About this coop:

Le Mat is a social co-operative (Corsortium) of social co-operatives. Up from our local pratices all over Italy creating jobs in many different branches and working for a more sustainable and inclusive community we developed all together a brand standing for responsible, inclusive and community tourism. LE MAT - SPECIAL PLACES, SPECIAL PEOPLE, SPECIAL VALUES. 15 social co-operatives are owners of the brand and spread the practice throughout social franchising. So plus the members and owners there are the franchisees. In the Le Mat places you can touch the co-operative work and stay with us some day, discover our pratices and the landscape and local communities. Since 2005 we also work with other social co-operatives in Europe and we developed Le Mat Europe and Le Mat Sweden.

Le Mat’s social entrepreneurs would like tourism to be something more than spending free time and consuming new adventures, more than a specialized industry. We like tourism as an opportunity to restore, to return, to add value to the daily work and difficulties, to the inventions and extraordinary battles of all the persons living in the areas where also we live. We would like you to meet the people cultivating the soil with a lot of attention, those who develop their talents and cultures, those that want to change and fight against discrimination and exclusion, against the destruction of nature and community. We would like a tourism able to open the minds towards those who are different from us, a tourism where you meet people and can listen to the thousands of stories and cultures of a local community and where the community is curious to meet, to exchange and to welcome who comes from abroad, travelling and discovering unknown methods and thoughts and actions…
The social cooperative Cadore in the Cadore mountains if Italy despite the big financial crisis have managed to create many jobs.

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Renate Goergen
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