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187. New tools for informal Recycling in Brazil

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Coop Name: Coopamare N° of Employees: 80
City: S N° of Members: 30
Country: Brazil Year of formation: 1989
Website: http://https://coopamare.com/
About this coop:

Coopamare (Cooperativa de Catadores Autônomos de Papel, Aparas e Materiais Reaproveitáveis) is a worker cooperative is São Paulo that was formed in 1989 with 80 informal waste collectors - catadores. Today the cooperative runs a successful recycling business providing services to individuals and businesses. Coopamare now has 80 affiliated catadores and 120 who pass by every day. The cooperative also offers courses and trainings for members and collectors.

The slidshow presents the Forage Tracking project, a cooperative project between the MIT senseable city lab, MIT co-lab, the University of São Paulo, and Coopamare. The Forage Tracking project is mapping the tacit knowledge and spatial organization of informal recyclers in São Paulo, Brazil, using location-detecting hardware and software to investigate how Catadores, informal recyclers in Brazilian cities, find and collect material in the city. The project team is also developing participatory platforms that will help Catadores organize their activities and connect the cooperative to the citizens. In the work with the recycling cooperative COOPAMARE, the team is trying to increase visibility and understanding of the service they provide to the city.

The Prezi slideshow was created with information supplied by the Forage Tracking Project (https://senseable.mit.edu/foragetracking/?page_id=12).

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Caterina Mori, Euricse
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