289. Robert-Cliche Health Co-operative

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Coop Name: Robert-Cliche Health Co-operative N° of Employees: 10
City: Beauceville N° of Members: 4700
Country: Canada Year of formation: 2009
Website: http://www.coopdesanterobertcliche.com
About this coop:

The Robert-Cliche Health Co-operative aims to develop a network of local health services. The co-operative offers a variety of services to its members, including family medecine as well as complementary and alternative care. Moreover, the co-op promotes health care prevention in its activities.

The Robert-Cliche Health Co-operative was established in 2008 to address serious concerns in the region of Beauce, Quebec, south of Quebec City: retiring doctors, an aging population, difficulty attracting young doctors to the region, outdated medical equipment, and no new physicians had come to set up practice in the area since 1994. The first branch of the Robert-Cliche Health Co-operative opened in 2009 in Beauceville, a town of 6,175 inhabitants. Today, the co-operative has doctors who provide a range of services to the population and membership is constantly increasing. For more stories about co-operatives in Canada, visit s.coop/IYCspotlight.

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