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349. Simel Esim on the power of cooperatives

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Coop Name: International Labour Organization
City: Gen
Country: Switzerland Year of formation: 1919
Website: http://https://www.ilo.org/empent/units/cooperatives/lang--en/index.htm
About this coop:

The ILO views cooperatives as important in improving the living and working conditions of women and men globally as well as making essential infrastructure and services available even in areas neglected by the state and investor-driven enterprises. Cooperatives have a proven record of creating and sustaining employment – they provide over 100 million jobs today; they advance the ILO’s Global Employment Agenda and contribute to promoting decent work.

Melina Morrison of Sommerson Communications sat down with Simel Esim, Chief of the ILO’s Cooperative Branch, at the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec. In this interview, Simel Esim discusses the impact cooperatives have when working together and their future potential.

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