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145. The Co-operators Brand Campaign Focuses on Co-operative Principles

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Coop Name: The Co-operators Group Ltd N° of Employees: 5017
City: Guelph N° of Members: 47
Country: Canada Year of formation: 1945
Website: http://www.cooperators.ca
Facebook: Link
About this coop:

The Co-operators is a leading Canadian-owned, multi-product insurance and financial services organization with more than $40.3 billion in assets under administration. Within our three core areas of operation — Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance, Life insurance, and institutional investments — we employ 5,017 staff members. We are supported by 512 exclusive agents with 688 retail outlets, four contact centres and one call centre for our travel insurance business, and an extensive national broker network. We also serve approximately 375 credit unions with a total of more than five million members.

Throughout the past decade The Co-operators Group Limited’s television commercials have highlighted various core brand attributes of the organization such as caring, trustworthy, honest, friendly, community-minded, etc. In It’s in Our Name they highlight the fact that The Co-operators is a co-operative using that as a foundation for what differentiates The Co-operators from its competitors and specifically how this influences their approach to business and how their clients’ experience is both different and better as a result. One of the key objectives of the campaign is to demonstrate new relevant points of difference, rooted in their co-operative philosophy and structure. Currently there are two spots. One focuses on claims and how their co-operative values enhance the client’s experience. The other, on community commitment and how they provide affordable solutions to meet community needs that other insurers ignored. Co-operative values, making people a priority, and taking a long-term view of business decisions makes The Co-operators fundamentally different from most other Canadian insurance companies.

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Mary Lou Schaefer
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