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118. The Other Way Home

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Coop Name: SouthEast Housing Co-operative Ltd N° of Employees: 7
City: Dandenong N° of Members: 160
Country: Australia Year of formation: 2000
Website: http://https://www.sehc.org.au
About this coop:

SouthEast Housing Co-operative (SEHC) provides housing to those on low incomes under the democratic and participatory principles of co-operative values and principles. As a rental housing co-operative, individual members do not pay for nor gain rights to their own individual house. SEHC manages 150 properties for the Office of Housing in Victoria and owns 10 properties. The Other Way Home tells the personal stories of the people who live and work in this rental housing co-operative. The film explores a model that promotes self-determination, security of tenure, affordable and good quality housing - offering a real and economically viable alternative to both private and public housing.

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Housing in our cities are in a state of crisis. With an ever greater proportion of people’s incomes going toward their housing, many people today are experiencing either severe mortgage or rental stress. The little known model of rental housing co-operatives offers a democratic alternative to traditional private and public sector housing. This is the story of one such co-operative: the SouthEast Housing Co-operative. To view the longer version of the film, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R4ZCACLGjE&feature=related

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SouthEast Housing Co-operative Ltd
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