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160. Trade and Logistic Center “COOP” – The new face of cooperative trade in Bulgaria

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Coop Name: Central Cooperative Union N° of Employees: 11000
City: Sofia N° of Members: 153000
Country: Bulgaria Year of formation: 1947
Website: http://www.cks.bg
About this coop:

The Central Cooperative Union unites, represents and defends the interests of 153,000 individual cooperative members, 815 consumer cooperative societies and 34 regional cooperative unions.

Establishing a national single cooperative market was the reason the Central Cooperative Union built a Trade and Logistic Center “COOP”.

Construction began in 2010 – the 120th anniversary of the cooperative movement in Bulgaria, and the Center was officially opened on the occasion of the EURO COOP General Assembly in June 2011. In attendance was Anne Santamaki – President of CCW and Aldo Soldi – President of EURO COOP.

The Center strongly promotes COOP-branded products from cooperative organizations across Europe, as CCU-Bulgaria has established successful trade relations with the Cooperative Group in the UK, COOP Italy and COOP EURO (Buying Alliance of Cooperative Retailers in Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Bulgaria).

CCU-Bulgaria is for the creation of a Single Cooperative Market on a European level, which would widely promote the “COOP” brand – a guarantee for high quality at a reasonable price.

The establishment of a successful trade collaboration proves our slogan to be true: “All together we can do more”.

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Central Cooperative Union
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