492. TRADOC Co-operative Democratic Workers of the West

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Coop Name: Global Co-operative Development Group Inc
City: Regina N° of Members: 4
Country: Canada Year of formation: 2011
Website: http://www.co-operativeenterprise.coop
About this coop:

The Global Co-operative Development Group Inc. is a registered co-operative which was created to:

  1. Provide a space for co-operative practitioners, researchers, developers, and educators to contribute their experience and expertise to support the development of co-operative enterprises globally.
  2. Help promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of the unique aspects of the co-operative enterprise business model.
  3. Stimulate positive growth in and across co-operative systems of enterprises through research and development, evaluation, and strategic intelligence activities and initiatives.
  4. Acquire or create and deliver information technologies which help to empower, inform, involve, educate and connect co-operatives and their members.
Our non-profit co-operative has 4 deeply experienced members and some two dozen co-operative friends and supporters.   Using a global perspective we provide advocacy and promotion, research and development, training and education, together with informal and formal coaching and mentoring services to persons and organizations across the globe.

Photo Credits: Terry MacDonald

Co-operative Democratic Workers of the West (TRADOC)
Adjacent to a small Mexican town called El Salto which is located less than 30 kilometers south of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco you will discover one of the newest and most successful worker co-operatives in the world. The worker co-operative is called TRADOC, which is short for Trabajadores Democráticos de Occidente Co-operative, which in English would be called the Cooperative Democratic Workers of the West. This co-operative is now just over 10 years old and makes all kinds of vehicle tires.

As in other worker co-operatives, not everyone working in the plant becomes an immediate owner member in TRADOC. At this time, there are some 1,250 persons working at the plant, all of which are partners in a co-operative called Producción Empresarial Profesional, SC (PROEM).  Approximately one-half of all PROEM partners are owners of TRADOC. After five years as a partner in PROEM, persons become eligible to join TRADOC. The cost to become a member of TRADOC is small. PROEM was created in an agreement with TRADOC and Corporación de Occidente SA (COOCSA), which is a shared ownership management company described in more detail later in this report.  This is one story of how the TRADOC came into existence and of their success as a co-operative
business enterprise. This is the link to the full story in English.

Cooperativa Trabajadores Democráticos de Occidente (TRADOC)

Cerca de un pequeño pueblo mexicano llamado El Salto, el cual se encuentra a menos de 30  kilómetros  al  sur  de  Guadalajara,  Jalisco,  encontrarán  una  de  las  cooperativas  más nuevas  y  más  exitosas  del  mundo.  La  cooperativa  se  llama  TRADOC,  que  significa Trabajadores Democráticos de Occidente. Esta cooperativa tiene poco más de 10 años y produce todo tipo de llantas.

Como  en  otras  cooperativas,  no  todos  los  que  trabajan  en  la  planta  se  convierten inmediatamente  en  dueños  miembros  de  TRADOC.  Al  momento,  existen  alrededor  de 1,250  personas  trabajando  en  la  planta,  y  todos  ellos  pertenecen  a  una  cooperativa llamada Producción Empresarial Profesional, SC (PROEM). Aproximadamente la mitad de todos los socios de PROEM son dueños de TRADOC. Después de cinco años como socio en PROEM, las personas pueden convertirse en socios de TRADOC. El costo para ser miembro de  TRADOC  no  es  alto.  PROEM  se  creó  en  un  acuerdo  con  TRADOC  y  Corporación  de Occidente  SA  (COOCSA),  la  cual  es  una  empresa  formada  por  una  sociedad,  que  se describirá más adelante en este artículo.

Esta es la historia de cómo se creó la cooperativa y de su éxito como tal.  El enlace a la historia sigue a continuación.

Este es un enlace a la noticia completa en español.

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Terry MacDonald
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