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270. True and intentional collaboration

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Coop Name: Cooperative Coaches N° of Employees: 4
City: Manchester N° of Members: 4
Country: United Kingdom Year of formation: 2012
Website: http://www.theco.co Twitter: Link
About this coop:

Cooperative Coaches is one of the UK's newest cooperatives and helps organisations and teams to challenge accepted practices and take a truly collaborative approach to performance through connection, creation and co-operation.

“We believe that the short term, purely profit focused way is simply no longer fit for purpose,” says Co-active Coach Edith Graham. “Organisations, across all sectors, are seeking new ways of realising sustainable performance and we partner with them to maximise their ‘heart economy’. Our approach is to connect, co-operate and coach individuals and teams to unlock opportunities for meaningful and intentional collaboration; sharing knowledge, perspectives and experience in order to learn and grow strong.”

Founding members and trained Co-active Coaches Edith Graham, Anna Keep, Liz Gatheral and Rachel Griffiths bring a powerful combination of coaching and professional experience from across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. All are members of the International Coaching Federation.

Cooperative Coaches offers three, co-operative, paths toward change, sometimes we mix them up a little in service of stretching you a little. All of them connect individuals, groups and organisations with their true purpose and enables them to change with speed and without effort.

In essence, we’re proud to specialise in true and intentional collaboration.

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