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177. Water not only quenches one’s thirst, it also heals

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Coop Name: CENTRAL UNION of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation (CENTROSOJUZ OF RUSSIA) N° of Employees: 250000
City: Moscow N° of Members: 4000000
Country: Russia Year of formation: 1896
Website: http://www.rus.coop
About this coop:

Centrosojuz of the Russian Federation unites more than 3 thousand consumer societies and more than 4 million shareholders all over country. The member organizations provide jobs for about 300 thousand people. These consumer societies include production organizations, purchasing centers for agricultural products, domestic services centers, public catering establishments, and shops.

“Zelenogradskaya real” has been produced by the cooperative Kaliningrad Consumer Society “Commercial and Trade Centre – 2” for almost 20 years.

The mineral water is extracted from the deepest well of the region, with a depth of 274 meters. It is characterized by its good taste, an absence of artificial additives, and has an optimal concentration of natural compounds (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) and biologically active components (iodine, fluorine).

As a medicine “Zelenogradskaya” is recommended for those with chronic diseases affecting the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, as well as those with metabolic disorders: that’’s why mid-class shops rate it as one of the “Five most popular goods”.

“Zelenogradskaya real” was awarded with the laureate diploma from the international contest “Best product 2012” and the silver medal by the exhibition commission for its healing properties. It’s important to note that the water already had bronze and silver medals. And after the exhibition there will be three medals on its label.

The Ministry for Agriculture of the Russian Federation demonstrated its appreciation for the work of the cooperative by awarding Alexandr Gebesh, the chairman of the Council of local consumer society “Commercial and Trade Centre – 2”,  with the diploma and gold medal “For high quality”.

“It’’s a pleasure to understand that we are achieving results; that our labor is evaluated and our production considered as one of the best; and that cooperators of the Kaliningrad region are regularly awarded with the high rank prizes, they have won various contests, they have the authority and good reputation not only in their region, but also they are the acknowledged as professionals on the All-Russian level,” said Vladimir Mandryka, the chairman of the Council of the Union of Consumer Societies of the Kaliningrad region.

For 20 years the water company has continued to develop and modernize its technical operations and equipment. Special delivery transport was purchased and a dealer center was created to sell the product. The bottling process now covers three lines of 0,5, 1,5, and 2 liter bottles.

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Julia Onishenko
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