304. Solidarity Group helping farmers in Brazil

Saturday morning, 6:00 am. The sun is beginning to rise over the Reconcavo, and the landscape is plunged into an intense, lush green light. The four farmers and neighbours Fernando Alvez, Luiz Ribeiro, Eduardo da Cruz and Evaldo Gonzago have been working for around two hours, and have already loaded the 40 year old Ford-pick-up, […]

301. Integrity and respect

From the early 1980s, the big banks deserted many smaller country centres in New South Wales. The Community Mutual Group (CMG) stepped into that role, retaining and extending local branches and agencies as well as maintaining local decision-making and the friendly face of local banking. Today CMG is the largest inland credit union in Australia […]

298. Bringing Islamic Microfinance to the Women of Rural Cameroon

Sharia, Islamic law, prohibits usury, the collection and payment of interest, as well as investing in businesses that are considered unlawful. But with some modifications, microfinance can be made Shariah-compliant, opening up access to credit and poverty alleviation services to many Muslims. The department of Noun, in western Cameroon, has a population of 1 million, […]