Crédit Coopératif

341. Frances Crédit Coopératif leads the way in ethical banking

Crédit Coopératif, one of France’s leading co-operative banks, was founded in 1893. It finds its origins in the Social Economy movement of the late 19th century that led to the creation of today’s large mutual banking groups, when the industrial revolution and early globalisation led populations to organise themselves into cooperatives. These values and this […]

. Crédit Coopératif

Crédit Coopératif is a co-operative bank whose mission is to contribute to the development of enterprises of the social economy, associations, co-operatives, business groups, social entrepreneurs and charitable bodies, in an appropriate response to their needs and co-production of services. As a pioneer of ethical and solidarity finance, Crédit Coopératif provides its expertise to serve […]