246. Amazing (Ore Ofe) Co-operative Society Limited Dublin, Ireland

This co-operative group was established in 2008 by six immigrants from Africa. The venture engages in promoting and supplying Afro-European clothing. It is a fashion design business that mixes African and European fabrics to create beautiful clothing. In the summer of last year, the venture organized a fashion fair in which they exhibited a rich […]

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168. Sewing for change in Rio de Janeiro

Coosturart is an artisan cooperative founded in 2002 and located in Santa Cruz, a low-income community located west of Rio de Janeiro. This cooperative has 30 full-time members and specializes in hand-sewn clothing, bags and accessories. The members generate income from marketing their high quality and modern products, which have received several accolades from fashion […]

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134. Coop Italia’s Fashion Partnership to Celebrate the International Year of Cooperatives

Coop Italia, which consists of 115 consumers’ cooperatives, is the largest retail chain in Italy with an 18.1% market share. It has put that negotiating power to good use: according to global consumer watchdog Consumers International, the supermarket chain comes out on top among leading supermarket chains in eight European countries in terms of corporate […]

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131. Ethics girls – sustainable fashion

“If you are the kind of woman who likes quality, longer lasting clothes and cares about where they have come from, you have come to the right place. Good for your wardrobe, great for your style and better value for money. Fashion is easy, style demands character,” Sam Roger, Ethics Girls. Ethics Girls is an […]

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130. Royah – Ethical Design from Afghanistan

“Afghanistan used to produce fantastic silk, but it lost much of its talent and capacity over 27 years of conflict,” explains Gabriella Ghidoni. In 2005, Ghidoni, then an aid worker with the United Nations in Kabul, joined talents with two Afghan women to form Royah, a design co-operative with a two-fold mission: to revive the […]