Since 1985 Coopemedicos has prescribed financial services to the medical providers of Costa Rica. The credit union’s critical care ensures that these practitioners can focus on patient health —not financial stress.

Coopemedicos offers its members a full pharmacy of treatments for a myriad of monetary ills. Savings accounts, credit, loans and mutual funds maintain a strong, healthy economic heartbeat. Beyond these primary services, the cooperative has run tests and discovered several other ways to keep their members in tip-top shape. Medical providers can opt in on car insurance and special rates at specific hotels. Members can even buy medical supplies at a discounted rate from an on-line dispensary.

Doctors make up most of Coopemedico’s organizational structure, not just its membership. These individuals understand the support their peers need. The cooperative enhances the basic care it provides with relationship building aimed at the acute interests of medical practitioners. Members share information about their practices and upcoming events through the coop, making the financial institution work as a sort of medical classified ad and community calendar.

Coopemedicos is a healthy, growing organism. Currently 2130 members make it the largest credit union in Costa Rica. The cooperative proves that a bank account a day certainly does not keep the doctor away.