Throughout the past decade The Co-operators Group Limited’s television commercials have highlighted various core brand attributes of the organization such as caring, trustworthy, honest, friendly, community-minded, etc. In It’s in Our Name they highlight the fact that The Co-operators is a co-operative using that as a foundation for what differentiates The Co-operators from its competitors and specifically how this influences their approach to business and how their clients’ experience is both different and better as a result. One of the key objectives of the campaign is to demonstrate new relevant points of difference, rooted in their co-operative philosophy and structure. Currently there are two spots. One focuses on claims and how their co-operative values enhance the client’s experience. The other, on community commitment and how they provide affordable solutions to meet community needs that other insurers ignored. Co-operative values, making people a priority, and taking a long-term view of business decisions makes The Co-operators fundamentally different from most other Canadian insurance companies.