In 2007, Common Wealth Credit Union (now Servus Credit Union) launched Social media for business was totally new. Facebook was still a student-only environment and Twitter and YouTube were just gaining momentum. The idea was to hold a public search for a paid Young & Free Alberta Spokesperson and to give young people a voice, a head start and useful information. We found and hired Larissa Walkiw. Larissa started her one-year term as the Young & Free Alberta Spokesperson in January 2008. After just 22 days on the job, she created this amazing video that has now been seen more than 150,000 times. After viewing the video, well-known financial marketing analyst Ron Shevlin asked, “What’’s wrong with this video? It’’s brilliant. And that is what makes it so horribly wrong. How is it, that in the 100 or so years that credit unions have existed, no credit union executive, no ad agency creative genius, no anybody for that matter, has been able to articulate the difference between credit unions and banks as well, as artistically, and as entertainingly as the 19-year old Canadian that did this video?