Everyone who cares about co-operatives and ethical business is being urged to get their thumbs at the ready for Co-operate, the UK’s first mobile app to make it easy to find co-operatives and read stories from Stories.coop.

Amid all the bad news, there is a grassroots ethical economy growing up around you. There are now co-operative and mutual businesses in every postcode area across the UK.

For every one of your needs, from food to phones, electricity to banking, you can move your money to a better business.

Co-operate is the first mobile app to make it easy to find co-operatives near you, wherever you are across the UK.

With co-operatives in every postcode across the UK and working across the economy, Co-operate will surprise and inspire you to find co-operatives. By down loading Co-operate you can download a better world on to your mobile.

One billion people around the world are members of co-operatives. You can be part of the good news.
Co-operate will be released at 12 noon on 19 June. If you support an ethical economy download the app on 19 June to push it up the rankings and bring co-operation to a wider audience.

Download a better world. Download Co-operate at 12 noon, 19 June.

Find out more at www.uk.coop/co-operate