To The Moon is a documentary that will follow Co-Cycle, a group of young adults as they cycle cross-country and experience their country in a new and powerful way. It will be a supportive reflection of the United States and the value of increasing co-operative action. This summer, waves of people will bike across the country together to build momentum for the co-operative movement. Through workshops and public events, Co-Cycle encourages the communities it travels through to take notice, ask questions, and seek out connections with their own local co-ops.The summer journey will start with a kick-off hosted by the United States Federation of Worker Co-operatives in San Francisco on May 31st. From there, the tour will proceed northward, with a list of major stops and events in: Portland, Seattle, Helena, Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, and finally, Amherst by Labor Day Weekend. The film will use the specific lens of the co-operative movement to demonstrate how much our young generation is capable of achieving. It will highlight the importance of dedication, innovation, and teamwork in order to make sustainable change for the future.