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Our Co-op’s Like Whoa!

This video is brought to you courtesy of the My Co-op Rocks video and photo contest. It is a 1st prize winner. Created by Natt McFee and Eli Gonzalez of the Hungry Hollow Co-op. Eli's incredible talent can be seen in the writing and the rapping, while Natt's can be enjoyed by the camera work and editing/effects etc. We are both lucky [...]

People’s Food Co-op of Kalamazoo

There comes a point of reckoning in the life of some. A challenge arises and the choice is made to either march, perhaps to a different beat into a relevant future, or to fade. The now 41-year-old People's Food Co-op reached its moment of reckoning in 1998. "We have a mission to educate the community, but we were losing money doing it, [...]


This video was submitted on behalf of Hungry Hollow Co-op in the 2011 My Co-op Rocks video + photo contest ( Providing awesome local food and a killer atmosphere are just a few of the reasons Hungry Hollow is OMG!


In the Korean language, “han” refers to all living things on earth, while “salim” means to revive and give life. So the compound “Hansalim” means “save all living things”. An ambitious name, but then Hansalim, Korea’s biggest consumers’ cooperative, is an ambitious project. Founded in 1986 as a single grocery store, it now has 284,000 consumer members, 2,000 producer members, 328 employees, 131 [...]

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