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Trade and Logistic Center “COOP” – The new face of cooperative trade in Bulgaria

Establishing a national single cooperative market was the reason the Central Cooperative Union built a Trade and Logistic Center “COOP”. Construction began in 2010 – the 120th anniversary of the cooperative movement in Bulgaria, and the Center was officially opened on the occasion of the EURO COOP General Assembly in June 2011. In attendance was Anne Santamaki – President of CCW and Aldo [...]

Increasing sustainability through training

"Education is not nearly as costly as the conflicts and failures incurred because of lack of understanding of the co-op business model. High-performing leaders know the importance of equipping directors, employees and management with the knowledge to understand their respective roles and therefore, develop and lead their cooperative with a unified approach." These words from Rod Kelsay, Executive Director of MACC highlight the [...]

Dame Pauline – all our women’s stories – on International Women’s Day

International Women's Day - what does it mean to you? ICA president and global co-operator Dame Pauline Green reflects on where we've come from as female co-operators and where we are going, highlighting women's cooperatives and the inspiring work they are doing today.

Central Cooperative Union Launches IYC in Bulgaria: 12.01.2012

Central Coopertive Union - Bulgaria joins cooperatives worldwide to officially launch UN 2012 - International Year of Cooperatives on national level at 12:00 on 12.01.2012. May UN 2012 - IYC further the cooperative brand in strengthening its visibility and increasing acknowledgment of the cooperative business model's added value to the members and to the community as a whole.

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