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Take Two Credit Lines and Call Me in the Morning

Since 1985 Coopemedicos has prescribed financial services to the medical providers of Costa Rica. The credit union’s critical care ensures that these practitioners can focus on patient health —not financial stress. Coopemedicos offers its members a full pharmacy of treatments for a myriad of monetary ills. Savings accounts, credit, loans and mutual funds maintain a strong, healthy economic heartbeat. Beyond these primary services, [...]

A home of their own thanks to housing finance

"Owning our own home gives us peace of mind and makes life easier," explains Alimatou Diakité, a member of the Réseau des caisses populaires du Burkina Faso (RCPB). Home ownership is an essential development tool for societies and a dream around the world. Healthy and durable housing provides a foundation for building up family assets, an important step in emerging from poverty [...]

In the Time of the Cooperative: One Large Credit Union on One Small Island

The Dominican Republic occupies half a Caribbean island— 48,442—square kilometers, and is home to 10 million people. Everyone in the Dominican knows everyone else and word of mouth goes a long way. For 61 years people have been talking about Cooperativa San José, Inc. They have also been entrusting their money to the credit union. From humble beginnings, the financial institution has grown [...]

Making farm credit work, from the USA to Armenia

Established in 1916, the Farm Credit System in the United States is a federally chartered network of cooperatives and other organizations, which lends money to agricultural producers, rural homeowners and farm-related businesses and cooperatives. Now, a financial cooperative has been started in Armenia based on the same concept, heavily influenced (and supported) by the system in the United States. Farm Credit Armenia Universal [...]

Empowering women through their own SACCOS

Rural women in developing countries are at a serious disadvantage when trying to access credit. ORUDE, the Organization for Rural Development, is a grassroots NGO in south-eastern Uganda. Formed in 1997, the organization had been mobilizing and training rural women’s economic groups and preparing them to absorb credit. It then helped the groups to open savings accounts with microfinance institutions (MFIs) from [...]

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