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My Mountain Co-Op

Three ski lifts. 8,000 acres of backcountry. The highest snowfall in North America. A skier's dream. A dream which grew into a co-operative. In the far north-west of Canada, 350 kilometres south of the Alaskan border, Shames Mountain ski area nestles at the head of the forested Shames River valley. For a region which has been hit by economic downturn, Shames is [...]

Keta Sandlanders

"I am an African. I know what Africans believe in. Africans believe in what they see." Divine Kodzo Baba has seen the deterioration of the town in which he was born. He has witnessed the shrinking of his beloved Keta. The coastal port was once Ghana’s second largest city. Coastal erosion has washed away houses and has forced businesses to close. Demonstrating [...]


It's about co-operation. It's about fun for all ages. It's a game called CoCoThrow which you can play nearly anywhere, with nearly anyone. It need not cost anything at all. It's not new but it wears well. We started playing it in 2005 when we called it 'Co-operative Juggling'. In 2006 we took it to community events, fetes or galas as our contribution to the [...]


Let me introduce myself... I'm Becky, the founder and Managing Director of whomadeyourpants?, a social enterprise making absolutely gorgeous pants from perfect fabrics left over from manufacturers, right here in the UK. We do this as a means to provide jobs for women who would struggle to get jobs otherwise. I left my last (well-paid but boooooring) job and started this business because [...]

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