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416. The cooperative movement in Trentino

More than two hundred and twenty seven thousand individuals, in a population of approximately five hundred thousand inhabitants in Trentino, are members of cooperatives. This means that two families in every three are involved in the cooperative movement. Not only that! If the number of existing cooperatives, a few more than six hundred, is compared […]

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415. Emilia Romagna – Cooperative Region and Economy

Emilia-Romagna is a region in Northern Italy, situated just below the foothills of the Italian Alps. It is one of the richest and most developed regions in Europe, with one of the highest GDP’s of all Italian regions. The outside world knows the region as the home of high end car makers such as Ferrari, […]

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413. Supporting Quebec’’s Strong Cooperative Society

Did you know that over a third of all the maple syrup consumed in the world is marketed by cooperatives in Quebec? The Canadian province is a hotspot for cooperatives, with a remarkably developed cooperative sector, both in terms of numbers and diversity. Cooperatives play leading roles in industries like financial services, insurance, agriculture, food, […]

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400. The Almería Agricultural Cooperative Model: Building successful economic and social communities

In 1955, the Andalucían province of Almería, in southeastern Spain, was a drought-ridden area with little infrastructure and a GDP per capita of less than half the national average. Most residents who had not already fled in search of better opportunities were merely subsisting. Today, it is the top Spanish fruit and vegetable growing area […]

226. Co-ops make a difference in Manitoba

A cute video presenting Erickson, a Manitoba community where co-ops and credit unions are making a difference.