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Shree Rachaita Bandhkam Mahila Sewa Sahakari Mandli Ltd

Rachaita is a women’s construction cooperative in Gujarat, offering training to members and helping them bid for work in a group rather than individually.

Shri Mahila SEWA Sahakari Bank Ltd.

The first major development effort of SEWA, the SEWA Co-operative Bank embodies a well-thought out concept to serve poor, self-employed women. It aims at providing an integrated set of banking services which make it a multi-service organisation that has deviated from the general pattern of co-operative banks.

Seward Co-op

Seward Co-op opened in 1972 in Minneapolis, MN. At first, we were run by a core group of volunteers and had a small selection of products. Despite challenges in the early '80s, membership and sales began to increase after adopting a general management structure. Seward reincorporated as a consumer co-op, patronage refunds were introduced and volunteering was no longer required. By 1987, [...]


Cootraservicord C.T.A. is a workers cooperative whose social objective is to create and maintain job opportunities in the operation and matinance of water and sewage systems.