CLAI is a Cooperative of Agricultural Workers and Breeders that has operated in the cold cuts and fresh meats sector since 1962, guaranteeing the complete supervision of the food chain.

Today the company has around 230 members and 400 employees, and is the third player in Salame market in Italy (Databank Salumi November 2010). All products are created with the emphasis on qualitative excellence and respect for the Italian culinary tradition. Since 1962 CLAI, has continued to expand and currently plays an important role among the leading integrated food and agricultural producers.

The story of Clai is based on a strong link with the surrounding area which dates back to the early 1960s when a group of breeders and farmers came together in order to make the most of new business development opportunities for their farms and their products. The Cooperative has grown over the years, adding new members, managing its own breeding farms and expanding its membership base to include farmers from the Po Valley.

CLAI’’s strength comes from matching the rearing of animals with beef and pork processing within one certified food-chain. Clai’’s activities are growing crops and managing its own breeding farms, slaughterhouses and salami factory. Most of the beef and pork comes from its farms and from its members’ farms all located in the Po Valley.

All our charcuterie is mainly produced with fresh Italian meat, in accordance with the knowledge of expert salami makers and the best processing technology in order to guarantee top quality in taste and safety. The range of Clai products includes the “great classics” of Italian tradition, with special attention to the charcuterie specialities of Romagna.

Our production plant achieved certification for Quality and Environment management system against the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. It also achieved certifications against BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) and IFS (International Food Standard) international standars.

Clai has a sales network oriented both to the modern distribution and to the normal trade. It also runs 7 shops: the “Macellerie del Contadino” – “The Farmer Butcher” in the surrounding area where our products come from.

Responsibility for the environment has always played an important role in Clai’’s way of operating: that’’s why a solar-panel plant was set up to convert the sun’s energy into clean energy and a biogas plant which generates energy and heat from by-products of our processing plants.