“We make the city buzz with life!” Bybi (City Bee) works with social organisations, businesses and 3 million bees to improve the urban environment and unlock the social and economic benefits of sustainable beekeeping and honey production in Copenhagen. Bybi is a social co-operative enterprise. The profits Bybi make are reinvested in the association’s social and environmental activities. Bybi has developed a unique social responsibility partnership with a number of Denmark’s top businesses. Danish enterprises get the opportunity to adopt beehives, which are placed on their roofs or in their grounds. Bybi makes sure everyone feels comfortable with the new employees, and uses the apiary to train long-term unemployed in beekeeping and honey production. Bybi works together with a Danish municipal center in Copenhagen for long term unemployed, homeless and people with alcohol and drug problems. The City Bee Association is a member of Kooperationen, The Danish Co-operative Employers’ Organisation in Denmark. This video is produced by the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen.