French businesses can now connect with a network of communication cooperatives to find exactly the communication skills they need, in any media, provided in a fair and ethical way. MADEinSCOP is a multi-channel hub linking 200 cooperatives in the communication sector and forging connections between clients and cooperatives. “We’’ve got human values, we believe in another way of doing business, that’’s why we are SCOP,” they say.

In September 2010, Communication SCOP, the French federation of cooperative and participative enterprises in the communication sector, created a pooling tool to help its members’ business development. MADEinSCOP is a business platform which allows SCOP to present a shared offer on the communication market. The cooperatives can reach new clients that they wouldn’’t be able to interest alone. With a single point of contact, MADEinSCOP acts as a facilitator for communication directors, contributing to responsible purchase. Working with MADEinSCOP guarantees working only with cooperatives with an ethical way of doing their job and territorial anchorage.

The initiative has several aims, chiefly providing a global communication offer from conception to final work, for any kind of media, whether print, web, audiovisual, event, smartphone, etc. It answers to a real and powerful demand for sustainable purchase from communication departments, who are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social benefits of products, looking beyond their price. MADEinSCOP also advises and supports cooperatives, helping them adapt to the market, and networks them with other cooperatives.

Clients give MADEinSCOP their needs, and it consults its network of communication cooperatives and selects the best proposals for the client to choose from, guaranteeing price competitiveness. The contract is signed together, and MADEinSCOP plays a coordination role until the contract is done.

“In this network of cooperative enterprises, some have existed for 100 years and some are just newly born, but one thing is certain: you will find the skills, the equipment and the style that match your needs,” promises Julien Lainé-Pradines, MADEinSCOP’s development officer.

“The future of European states implies a ‘citizen’ motivation in the act of buying, generating decisive social and environmental consequences for the future of the planet and the well-being of people,” he explains. “MADEinSCOP wants to make simple and competitive the offers of companies with citizen value, who share power, effort and results and have internal democracy and elected directors.”

“With MADEinSCOP, your communication makes sense.”