Океан_final_06 oceanConsumer society OCEAN was established in 2016 by a group of likeminded people with previous experience in DIY (do it yourself) sector as a local social center for Kostroma region. It provides possibilities for co-operative members to exchange shares (goods, commodity and etc.) without money.

This key principle addresses crucial social concerns and gives the opportunity for members (individuals and organizations) to overcome economic barriers. For instance, members can buy goods on an instalment plan and exchange construction materials or agricultural products.

The key focus is to promote and provide support for people ready to participate in sharing economy.

Key facts

The central platform of the consumer society is its market (3500 square meters) with more than 30 000 goods (food, household goods, construction materials, durables, bathroom fitments etc.).

Number of employees – 12.

Number of members – 4 250.

Turnover in 2017 – 80 mln. rubles (expected)

Infrastructure for co-operative members: market, café, sports club

Ocean’s goals for 2020 are to increase the number of members to 10,000 and achieve a turnover of 180 mln. Rubles. The promotion of OCEAN’s key principles and the creation of consumer societies in other cities will remain a priority as well as the export and import of goods produced by co-operative members.

Consumer society OCEAN has become known in Kostroma region and its neighborhood.

As a co-operative, OCEAN will continue on its social mission to promote co-operative principles through support of educational events for youth and co-operators in Kostroma and other cities.