Coop Coffee Indonesia (Co-operative for the Indonesian Coffee) is the business program for the coffee farmers under Indonesian Ministry of Co-operative & Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Of Republic of Indonesia.

Two aims of the business is to IMPROVE the coffee farmers’ wealth in co-operative bases and to PROMOTE the Indonesian best coffee to the world due to the fact that nothing beats a cup of freshly-crop-to-cup roasted coffee from the direct hands of the coffee farmers.

Since starting the Program through synergy with many stake holders at the early of 2016, Coop Coffee has worked tirelessly to find the best way to bring out the hidden potential of  the Indonesian coffee farmers as coffee is their ‘the black gold’ to the world for their better life and better Indonesian economy through the digital technology development on this millennial era by means of the widespread appearance of affordable smartphones, application and the ‘Big Data’ business.

Coop Coffee does the leapfrog for the coffee farmers into prosperity and equality by bringing the best Indonesian coffee to the market in the world.

The Indonesian Constitution in the Article of 33 (1) states: The National economy shall be organized on a co-operative basis. Right now The Coop Coffee is partnering with Starbucks Company to resolve the problem by creating sustainable business. This sustainability business stands for economical, social and environmental issues.

Only by doing the leapfrog to the business through the spirit of co-operative and the recent technology, all coffee farmers could turns into their prosperity and equality for  their own coffees.