COOP Israel is the leading consumer cooperative in Israel, operating the third largest food chain in the country.

The cooperative was founded in Jerusalem in 1939. In 1942, COOP began operating neighborhood grocery stores, forming the historic basis of the chain. It has since expanded its activities over the years, absorbing various smaller brands and consolidating its position as a leading retail group nationwide.

COOP Israel has 15,000 active members and 1,300 employees all over the country. As of today, COOP Israel operates over 210 points of sale through 3 cross-country sub-chains:

  • COOP Shop– A Chain of 42 neighborhood grocery stores.
  • COOP Shop in the Village– Over 160 groceries and stores in rural areas (constantly expanding).
  • COOP Shop Extra– 7 discount grocery stores located at the outskirts of the cities.

COOP Israel is constantly growing, opening new stores, operating an advanced logistics center, regional distribution centers and a fleet of trucks for self-distribution. New members are joining the cooperative society as the chain endeavors to lower costs in residential neighborhoods and the Periphery, while maintaining a qualitative shopping experience.

Coop Israel is an active member of the ICA and recent addition to Cooperatives Europe. Our CEO, Mr. Ofer Feinstein, sits on the EuroCoop Board of Directors.

Coop Israel is, now more than ever, fully committed to participating in the Global Movement, and constantly exploring areas for collaboration with other Cooperatives.

We are always keen to exchange information, particularly on Cooperative Governance, Best Practices, legislative frameworks, IT and Retail.

We are convinced that within the cooperative movement, there is great potential for business cooperation, in areas such as parallel import, joint purchase of equipment and IT innovation.

Our IT Department is at the cutting-edge of Business Management Software development, and we are on the lookout for potential partners for our customizable Cloud ERP Software service.