Co-operative News, the world’s oldest surviving co-operative publication, was launched by the Movement for the Movement over 140 years ago in 1871. The News began as a weekly newspaper reporting on the growth of consumer co-operatives after the Movement’s seven principles were established by the Rochdale Pioneers at their first store on Toad Lane. Today, the pages of Co-operative News represent the eclectic nature of co-operatives, with focus directly on the various co-operative sectors, from agriculture to fisheries to fair trade to green energy. As an initiative to promote the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives, Co-operative Press, publisher of Co-operative News, created the Global News Hub platform ( to allow co-operatives all over the world to contribute their news and views. Already over 100 editorial partners are posting news from their co-operative communities; and more co-operatives are encouraged to join online: Follow Co-operative News through Facebook too, where you can see a timeline of the co-operative’s rich history: