De Natuurfrituur cvba vso

Name: De Natuurfrituur cvba vso N° of Employees: 3
City: Gent N° of Members: 34
Country: Belgium Year of formation: 2011
Facebook: Link

We are a mobile food stand that sells the best fries ever in ‘Fries Country’. We aim to promote sustainable food production and consumption by offering premium quality street food at parties, events and festivals. Our food is vegetarian, organic, as locally sourced as possible, etc.
Our second strategic goal is to create as many jobs as possible for the otherwise jobless. We do this by replacing industrial, fossil fuel intensive processes by manual labour in a modern, comfortable way. Thus we create quality foods in a qualitative setting.
As a co-operative, we resource our capital with concerned citizens, thus offering an alternative investment opportunity for savings otherwise sitting in banks and not being linked to real, new, green economy and local economical resilience…

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