COPPALJ (Cooperativa de pequenos productores agroextrativistas do Lago do Junco e Lago dos Rodrigues) is a family farming cooperative located in the municipality of Lago do Junco, in the Maranhão State, one of the poorest states in Brazil. The cooperative was founded in 1989 by smallholder farmers and babaçu nut breaker women, who are rural workers devoted to collecting and breaking nuts to produce babaçu oil.

Prior to this, most of the families were constantly fighting battles with landowners who were jeopardizing their ability to earn an income from the land they have lived on for generations. Once COPPALJ was for med, they fought and won the rights to control and access the babaçu palms.

Today, COPPALJ strives to help families break the cycle of poverty by providing enabling environments for them to aspire and achieve their dreams.

Take a look at this video story, produced by AroundTheWorld.Coop, that shows the strength and power of community.