The Andria Cooperative, active in the housing sector, was founded in Correggio (Reggio Emilia-Italy) in 1975. The 1990’s brought a development in the Cooperative’s approach: from purely building homes, it matured into becoming a reference point for people wanting to intervene in the territory to improve their quality of life. Therefore, by strengthening its relations with members and local communities, through a deep process of active participation and intensive analysis of members’ needs, the Cooperative has developed original research activities, developing experimental projects, such as: CASE per GIO.CO: First-time Homes for Young Couples (received a World Habitat Award 2002 – Honourable Mention); CAS’O-MAI (case o mai?) – Dwellings for immigrant workers and families in difficulty; CORIANDOLINE Friendly houses for girls and boys (Peggy Guggenheim 2001 Award, Sodalitas Social Award 2009 – Certificate of Merit). For more information, visit us at or or view our YouTube channel at: