Farmers and Nature Net Association (FNN) is a local, non-profit and non-political farmer organization, which was established in 2003 and officially registered at the Ministry of Interior on March 10th, 2006.
The vision of FNN is to “promote family economic of farmers and of rural community equity and sustainability.
The Mission:
• Unite as one force to protect farmer’s rights and interests and to be a warmness and hopefulness for the farmers;
• Serve as a warmness and hope for Farmer Associations;
• Promote the ecological agriculture movement in the whole country;
• Promote the rural society of cooperation and good solidarity between farmers and farmers and other stakeholders;
• Support the Associations in developing agriculture and managing local natural resources; and
• Assure cooperation between associations, organizations and relevant institutions inside/outside the country.
FNN represents a network of village-based farmer organizations that acts as an umbrella to represent and serve the interests of self-help associations, agricultural cooperatives, and provides technical assistance on capacity building. In general, the majority of members of FNN are subsistence farmers, who are poor living in rural communities.