The Global Co-operative Development Group Inc. is a registered co-operative which was created to:

  1. Provide a space for co-operative practitioners, researchers, developers, and educators to contribute their experience and expertise to support the development of co-operative enterprises globally.
  2. Help promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of the unique aspects of the co-operative enterprise business model.
  3. Stimulate positive growth in and across co-operative systems of enterprises through research and development, evaluation, and strategic intelligence activities and initiatives.
  4. Acquire or create and deliver information technologies which help to empower, inform, involve, educate and connect co-operatives and their members.

Our non-profit co-operative has 4 deeply experienced members and some two dozen co-operative friends and supporters.   Using a global perspective we provide advocacy and promotion, research and development, training and education, together with informal and formal coaching and mentoring services to persons and organizations across the globe.