Halandri Parents Social Cooperative EnterpriseHalandri Parents SCE is a Social Cooperative Enterprise created by the need to offer childcare services to preschool and school-age children and their families. The founding members are parents who met at the parents’ committee formed in 2011 to oppose the shrinking of preschool education in the municipality of Halandri in Athens, Greece.

Meanwhile, Greek Law 4019/2011 on “Social economy, social entrepreneurship and other provisions” was eventually enacted in September 2011, after 2 years in the making. This provided us with the opportunity to put our ideas into practice by establishing a legal entity trading under the name “Halandri Parents Social Cooperative Enterprise”.

When the Greek General Social Economy Registry was established in March 2012, we filed an application and our Articles of Association were approved by the competent Ministry of Labor department managing Social Economy issues.

Since the end of August 2012, our Social Cooperative Enterprise is a member of the Greek Ministry of Labor Social Economy Registry.