Happiness Sharing Mart Co-operative is the first supermarket in Korea to be operated by a workers’ cooperative. Starting with Happiness Sharing Mart, the co-op opened its second store in 2016. They also opened ‘Berry Jeju’, an online and offline shopping mall that sells Jeju specialties and cultural products, ‘Seomchae’, a local food buffet restaurant, and ‘Aewol Barbeque’, a local food restaurant where young and middle-aged people are given opportunity to start their own business. In 2017, the company also opened the first franchise convenience store business, which is called ‘Concoop’, a compound word of ‘convenience store’ and ‘coop’. The owner of the convenience store should sign a pledge to respect the clause ‘labor rights’. In other words, they need to guarantee the minimum wage, give enough rest time for employees, and much more.