After the recruitment of an elder named Mustafa from our family by military in 1914, he had been familiar with guns and this eventually evoked our interest in the art of shotguns. Huglu people, since by their nature, have always been involved in arts and industry. This tendency led our elder Mustafa to build a keen interest in gun repairing and distribution of this artisanship consequently, after a period spent by repairing muzzleloader shotguns and guns, he started to produce shotguns. Because of the convenience of the geographical location, all of the people in town naturally began to build familiarity to produce shotguns. This increased interest inevitably necessitated to be gathered under a corporate.

This individual production efforts continued till 1962. On 16th of November 1962, HUGLU HUNTING FIREARMS COOPERATIVE had been found with 165 members and established its corporate identity. As of today, it is among the leading 10 production companies in the world and well known by its quality.

The self-confident artisans had chosen two-headed eagle as their symbol which stands for heights and power.

After the establishment of the Cooperative, a more systematic and orderly structure came true. This formation played an important role on enlarging the product spectrum and increasing the production quality to upper levels.

This adventure which started with only one collapsible shotgun continously improved and by sixties double barelled shotguns, by late seventies superpose(over and under) shotguns and by early nineties semi-automatic and pump action shotguns have been produced. The firm now has the widest spectrum of options in the sector and has a distinctive customer oriented focus in production with the knowledge and experience obtained over the years in the market.

As of today, our firm operates on 25.000 m² land and in 17.000 m² indoor space. With our 548 members and 450 employees, we take justifed proud of exporting 80% of our shotgun products to more than 50 countries all over the world; mainly to USA and from France, Norway, Lebanon, Botswana, Chile to Phillipines.

Our company has improved its status to higher levels both in domestic and international markets by the establishment of internationally valid ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Employee Health and Safety Security Management Systems.

With its 100 years of experience and standardized high quality wide product range, Huglu Hunting Firearms Cooperative will continue serving to the hunters, shooters and collectors all over the world.

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