eDOC Innovations is a multi-owned credit union service organization, or CUSO. There are many service organizations throughout the nation that operate a cooperative business model and atmosphere to service the crucial business model of credit unions. eDOC Innovations was founded in 1992 and had humble beginnings, starting in a spare office of a credit union. Today, eDOC’s solutions, and client base, have expanded tremendously to serve hundreds of credit unions across the country.

At eDOC Innovations, we offer solutions that enable credit unions to become fully paperless through the use of our industry renowned electronic document management and archiving system, DocLogic, which includes automated forms capture and transaction packages, check imaging, and member document delivery capabilities. Through our partner programs, we partner with other CUSOs and industry businesses to provide solutions that enhance their services to credit unions. Our software not only can help the CUSO manage its electronic documents but also their credit unions and their credit union members.

eDOC Innovations is not only concerned with the creation and delivery of excellent software solutions for each credit union, but we also desire to see the cooperative business model and strength of the credit union industry grow and flourish. For this reason, we invest staff time, energy, and resources to join our CUSO partners, credit union peers, and other industry leaders in many industry forums and events each year to voice our support and to offer our experience and insights.

Various conferences offered by state associations and leagues, CUNA, CUES, NAFCU, core processors and other industry leaders offer credit union staff, members, and the community an opportunity to learn about industry changes and issues that affect each credit union. These events often allow participants the opportunity to obtain further education on new products and services, and a forum to network with other industry peers. eDOC Innovations regularly takes part in many of these events and over the years has donated thousands of dollars to the forward progress of the credit union movement.

Credit unions help individuals take control of their financial future through cooperative participation. Because credit unions are member-owned and elect a volunteer board of directors, they have a stake and voice in securing better financial choices for themselves and those who participate in the cooperative. As a CUSO, our model is very similar to that of the credit union owners. We too have a board of directors who work to sustain the credit unions we serve, so they can continue build the cooperative future for their members.

eDOC Innovations believes in our mission statement: “We are dedicated to meeting the changing needs of business through comprehensive eDocument technologies. By creating strategic foundations for managing image acquisition, exchange and storage management, our software and business process workflow solutions simplify the daily tasks, drive efficiency of operations and expand new business opportunities for our clients. Through dedicated focus to the cooperative model, our solutions will grow within the industry to become a standard for these technologies and drive value to our owners and peers.”

We’’re eDOC Innovations. We’’re a cooperative, and we work each day to increase the sustainability of the cooperative model by working together with industry to build intelligent and sustainable financial futures.