KAB is a Danish Co-operative Social Housing Association and a member of Kooperationen, the Cooperative Employers’ Organisation in Denmark.

In Denmark there are a total of 540,000 co-operative social housing units. Co-operative social housing organisations are established as separate self-governing associations, with a management council controlled entirely by residents through a policy of tenant democracy. Tenant representatives decide and approve house rules and initiate common activities. They also have influence on the design and appearance of common areas, renovation or even the increase of the rent. Co-operative social housing is all about democracy. KAB provides good and affordable homes and is committed to improve the living conditions of their residents. At the moment KAB manages more than 50.000 homes in the greater Copenhagen Area. There is a widespread misunderstanding about what it means to rent an affordable home. In this short film KAB presents itself in a new and exciting way.