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Asiapro – 65,000 workers strong

Asiapro Multi-purpose Cooperative ranks among the country’s largest and excellently managed social enterprises. From a pioneer workers cooperative established in 1999 by 60 members who envisioned marginalized, low-income workers enjoying the full benefits of regular employment, Asiapro (together with its affiliates) exponentially grew and became a strong collective force of 65,000 workers. They serve up to 300 multinational and local client-companies through [...]

Coop Coffee visits Brussels

Last November, representatives of Coop Coffee Indonesia visited the ICA office in Brussels to discuss their coffee business. The welfare of the farmers/ members is our top priority and we are working on selling our coffee to the Starbucks Trading Company, shipping the coffee directly to Seattle, US. Coop Coffee Indonesia (Co-operative for the Indonesian Coffee) is the business program for the coffee [...]

Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex: A Brief Introduction

Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex: A Brief Introduction Rah Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex, active in the nation's education system for three decades, was started up as a kindergarten in 1987 by a number of Tehrani teachers who had innovative ideas in the field of education and yearned to have a different philosophy of school administration realized. They were soon joined by some university [...]

DotCoop continuing to grow

Since last posting on, DotCoop has grown and the number of domain users continues to increase. DotCoop has a small team based both in Oxford and in the U.S. There are currently five permanent team members: Managing Director - Violetta Nafpaktiti Head of Marketing - Lance Wolak Senior Customer Service Advisor and Registry Operator - Finn McCullagh Marketing Coordinator and Community Officer - Tom Ivey Administrative Officer [...]

Australian Parliament passes reforms for co-operatives and mutuals

This is the culmination of three years’ work by Mutuo together with the Australian Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) and an unprecedented collaboration between Australian businesses. We have worked closely with the BCCM for five years, helping to develop a strong narrative around the importance of co-operatives and mutuals in Australia. We strived to gain support from the major political parties [...]

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