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21. Le Mat – social entrepreneurs hosting quality tourism

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Coop Name: Le Mat - consortium of social co-operatives N° of Employees: 3000
City: ROME N° of Members: 15
Country: Italy Year of formation: 2005
Website: http://https://www.lemat.it
Facebook: Link
About this coop:

Le Mat is a social co-operative (Corsortium) of social co-operatives. Up from our local pratices all over Italy creating jobs in many different branches and working for a more sustainable and inclusive community we developed all together a brand standing for responsible, inclusive and community tourism. LE MAT - SPECIAL PLACES, SPECIAL PEOPLE, SPECIAL VALUES. 15 social co-operatives are owners of the brand and spread the practice throughout social franchising. So plus the members and owners there are the franchisees. In the Le Mat places you can touch the co-operative work and stay with us some day, discover our pratices and the landscape and local communities. Since 2005 we also work with other social co-operatives in Europe and we developed Le Mat Europe and Le Mat Sweden.


Workers-owned cooperatives managing hotels, hostels, SPECIAL PLACES in order to develop self-determination, self-management, social promotion, the active participation of users and clients….

Every Le Mat is special and unique but there is a shared Le Mat quality!

Le Mat’s general mission is to promote and turn to the best account the cultural, social, vocational and occupational value of persons with a history of disability, mental illness or drug addiction – Le Mat’s special people.

Le Mat special places offer fine hospitality to travellers who are spending a few days away from their settings for a variety of reasons. Our guests are received in a place that provides comfort and is accessible, not too expensive and located in a position from which it is easy for them to get around, appreciate the local culture. Le Mat special places provide quality services and the social enterprise culture. All the workers fully participate in the running of their enterprise.

Sometimes it happens that fragility is more interesting than strength and when it happens there are marvellous stories to tell….

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Renate Goergen
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