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Dept of Cooperatives

we r aademic institution offering coop edn, trg, and undertaking coop research.

Undredal Stølsysteri BA

A cooperative dairy making raw-milk goat’s cheese with the milk from the goats of three families.

Farda Coop

Iran Oilseeds & Vegetable Oil Processing Factories Cooperative: Iran Oilseeds & Vegetable Oil Processing Factories Cooperative (that is referred to as Farda Co-op) was established on 20 May 2006. It has 26 shareholders from vegetable oil factories in Iran. The 26 shareholders consist 93 percent of Iran's vegetable oil industry and 81 percent of Iran's vegetable oil extraction industry. Some of the shareholders [...]

Koperativa Mpambolin’Ambanivolo Mananara (KOMAM)

Growers of vanilla and cloves in a biosphere reserve have united together to sell and market their spices.

Organic Meadow Co-operative

Organic Meadow Co-operative Inc. was formed in 1989 to provide an opportunity for organic farmers in Ontario to collectively store, process and market organically grown products. We are committed to ensure fair, consistent financial returns to farmers while maintaining quality at every stage from soil to table. We are dedicated to encouraging ecologically sound, diverse, self-reliant farm units where production efficiency is [...]

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