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Miel Mexicana Volcan Popocatépetl

We are a cooperative formed by 42 small farmers in the state of Morelos 10 years ago. We produce certified organic honey, 93% of which is exported directly to the European Union, the United States, and Japan.

Kuapa Kokoo

Kuapa Kokoo simply means Good Cocoa Farming. The Kuapa Kokoo farmers cooperative was established when the internal marketing of cocoa in Ghana was liberalised in 1993. Two years later it attained Fairtrade recognition. In 1998 it formed the Day Chocolate Company which later changed its name to Divine Chocolate. Kuapa Kokoo members own the majority of shares in the UK and US [...]

The Argan Tree

The Argan Tree is a co-operative of female Moroccans who produce Argan oil. It markets its oil through its own internet sales operation.


Bihu is among the first agricultural cooperatives established in China after 1978. This cooperative is a classic example of a shareholding cooperative in China. Thanks to a huge market place (the biggest one in the area) invested by the cooperative, more than 150 jobs in rural areas are provided, half of which are part-time employment for the local women (30-65 years old). [...]


A Kichwa rainforest cooperative of 850 families with small farms in the Ecuadorian Amazon. An average family has a small plot (2% of total farm size) planted with cacao trees, part of their farm with other crops, and more than half of their land remains as rainforest reserves. Kallari has received international acclaim as the world’s first indigenous organization to cultivate, harvest, [...]

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