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Undredal Stølsysteri

A cluster of red, white, blue and yellow houses nestled on the green shores of a breathtaking Norwegian fjord, the tiny village of Undredal has a population of 70 people. And 500 goats. Goat’s cheese has been made in this valley for centuries. Until 1988, the village could only be reached by boat, which helped preserve traditional cheesemaking methods. Three types of cheese [...]

Le Mat – social entrepreneurs hosting quality tourism

A SOCIAL BRAND and a SOCIAL FRANCHISOR for SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS in TOURISM Workers-owned cooperatives managing hotels, hostels, SPECIAL PLACES in order to develop self-determination, self-management, social promotion, the active participation of users and clients…. Every Le Mat is special and unique but there is a shared Le Mat quality! Le Mat’s general mission is to promote and turn to the best account the cultural, social, [...]

The single voice of a cooperative

A civil war raged in Guatemala from 1960 to 1996 - the longest civil war in Latin America's history. In the Ixil Triangle, where Oikocredit project partner Asociación Chajulense (Chajul) operates today, thousands of civilians were killed, tortured or disappeared. The victims were predominantly Mayan descendants. Today, the coffee and honey farmers of Chajul - made up largely of these Mayan descendants - [...]

Cooperative Like You

Were so rockin', there's no knockin' our Co-op! Get ready to sing along with this music video written and directed by GreenStar's Joe Romano. Cinematography by Felix Teitelbaum. Music written and performed by Joe Romano in the style of the Dandy Warhols Bohemian Like You. This video was a 2012 1st place winner in the My Co-op Rocks video + photo contest. [...]

It All Began Around a Kitchen Table…

As a Co-operative, Organic Meadow provides a unique opportunity for organic farmers to collectively store, process and market organically-grown products including organic milk, organic dairy products, organic eggs and organic grains. Our goal is to unite small family farms under one brand, letting them share in the benefits of our marketing efforts. Organic Meadow is committed to ensuring fair, consistent financial returns [...]

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