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Museum-Appartment for Coop’s Guests

The video shows a two-bedroom appartment in the Lindenhof-Gardencity of 1920. GeWoSued chairman Norbert Reinelt explains that having an own bathroom and a garden was a great achievment for carpenters and workers in Berlin of the 1920ies where overcrowded tenement-blocks were normal. Building historian Heinz Schauss detected the original materials and colors. They were reconstructed whereas modern infrastructure was implemented. The original [...]

Our Co-op’s Like Whoa!

This video is brought to you courtesy of the My Co-op Rocks video and photo contest. It is a 1st prize winner. Created by Natt McFee and Eli Gonzalez of the Hungry Hollow Co-op. Eli's incredible talent can be seen in the writing and the rapping, while Natt's can be enjoyed by the camera work and editing/effects etc. We are both lucky [...]

Agricultural Company Cornesti: Collective Farming after Communism

Until the Iron Curtain was lifted in 1989, Romanian farms were government owned and run as collectives. While cooperatives were based on group work and shared benefits, membership was forced. After the collapse of the communist regime, farmland was returned to its original owners and soon collectives began to reappear; this time, collectives were characterized with an autonomous, democratic model where farmers [...]

A Divine Story

Kuapa Kokoo is papa paa. That is, it's the best of the best. The Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers cooperative in Ghana bands 45,000 cocoa farmers together. Together they own the majority share in the London-based chocolate manufacturer, Divine Chocolate. View the prezi slideshow Thanks to Kim Naylor and Brian Moody for photographic images.    

Oikocredit – Cocovico – women empowerment and entrepreneurship

Created in 1993, Cocovico (Coopérative de Commercialisation de Produits Vivriers de Angre) is a cooperative of female vendors based in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Since 2004 Cocovico has been an Oikocredit project partner. Cocovico used Oikocredit financing to build a new market in Abidjan in a time when the country was in civil war. At this time, neither banks nor microfinance institutions would [...]

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