is a not-for-profit campaign to educate the general populace about the benefits of the cooperative model, through the medium of storytelling.

It is an independent project, conceived and administered by the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises, Euricse. needs your support to ensure it can deliver a global campaign through an open and accessible platform which represents cooperatives the world over.

Funds raised will only be used to tell these stories of cooperation and to promote these stories globally. It is a closed-end fundraising process. The Story of the Day – one for every day of 2012, the UN International Year of Cooperatives (IYC), will be fed to, the official IYC 2012 global website.

They are chosen by an independent committee.

Stories are told by individuals or by professional writers and filmmakers with a brief to produce independently-told stories.

You can share our stories on facebook or you can tweet our stories so that we can be sure that our cooperative stories are viewed by as many people in as many corners of the world as possible.

It’s not just our campaign, it’s a campaign for the co-operative movement and anyone who supports it.

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