. IABM cooperative

IABM cooperative became the first cooperative to be certified as a hybrid maize seed supplier in 2020. It has expanded its hybrid seed production from 50 ha in 2018 to 100 ha in 2020, which tripled its turnover as well as of 1048 members involved. With the support of Agriterra, IABM secured a contract to […]

. A successful rice project in DR Congo

Heineken was looking for rice for her brewery Bralima in DR Congo. Six rice cooperatives in the Ruzizi Plain had insufficient working capital to buy the members’ rice for processing and delivery. In the first year, with Agriterra’ s advice, the cooperatives were able to take out a loan at Equity Bank and buy 1500 tons of rice from the members and resell it […]

502. Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Co-operative Society in Uganda

Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Co-operative Society in Uganda did go through a successful year in 2016! Its ambitions in the areas of financial management, memberships, processing and sales are limitless. The coffee farmers keep being ambitious: their dream is to set up their own processing factory in the near future. This would be another big step […]

500. Vietnam Cooperative Development Plan

As a result of the Vietnamese Cooperative Development Plan, which was signed during the closing ceremony of the regional conference on food security in Hanoi in March 2017 Agriterra was happy to welcome the delegation of Vietnamese Agriculture, Planning and Investment ministers, representatives of banks and our Vietnamese cooperative partners in the Netherlands. “We feel greatly […]