Cooperativa de Trabajo de la Salud Junín Limitada

107. From nothing to the fastest growing medical clinic in the province

December 2001, Argentina. The Argentine economy is in ruins, the peso-denominated bank accounts of its middles classes have been frozen in the ‘corralito’ as it is colloquially referred to, while the foreign-denominated bank accounts of its wealthy elite are protected. Downtown in Argentina’s second largest city, Córdoba, a private medical clinic is on its last […]

. Cooperativa de Trabajo de la Salud Junín Limitada

Salud Junín, located in the industrial city of Córdoba, Argentina, is a medium-sized neighbourhood health clinic cooperative founded as a worker-recuperated enterprise by its nurses and maintenance staff in 2002. What distinguishes Salud Junín is that most of its members are female nurses. The clinic has developed a unique revenue generating stream: The cooperative works […]